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Moving On to the Rolling Tray

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Joint rollers, this one is for you! Over time, rolling trays can get pretty coated in resin so it’s always a good idea to give them a good clean every now and then. If your rolling tray is metal, spray it down with some vinegar, then wipe in the direction of the grain to clean out those small grooves. If your tray is plastic or wood, give it a soak in some hot, soapy water for about 15 minutes to loosen up all the resin and residue, then give it a light scrub and lean it up to air dry. water pipe sale

Your Vape Pens

Much like your glassware, your vape pens work better and taste better the cleaner they are. If you’re using vape cartridges, grab your alcohol dipped swabs and give the battery and contact plate a quick wipe down. If you’re using a dry herb vape, use the same technique to get that screen clean and clear. Finally, wipe down the screw threads and soak the mouthpiece to clear it out. The same goes for load-your-own concentrate pens too. Most vape pens will also have specific cleaning instructions in the manual so be sure to read those before making any moves. cheapest bong sale

Tidying Up Your Cannabis Space

A fair amount of cannabis consumers have a dedicated space for their marijuana products, paraphernalia, and even where they consume. Due to the secretive and illegal nature of cannabis culture in some states and countries though, these spaces can often be neglected from a daily or weekly cleaning routine. It’s always a good idea to keep your cannabis space tidy. Who knows, you may even find a few lost nugs along the way! glass bong summer sale

KonMari It Up

Grab three boxes, label them “Keep” “Donate” and “Toss,” then turn to your stash spot. Whether you keep your supply in a drawer, a box, or spread across an entire table, it’s an easy thing to get cluttered - and most people don’t get more organized once they’ve indulged. glass bong cheap sale

Take a good look around your space and ask yourself “How would Marie Kondo deal with this? Look at the three extra lighters that are all empty. Do they spark joy? Do the packs of rolling papers with only one leaf left each? How about the expired edibles that have melted or the bag of weed that’s two months old? If they do not spark joy, toss them into the “Toss Box.” Go through the rest of your paraphernalia. If you’ve got a nice collection of concentrate containers with one dab left, consolidate them into one and toss the rest.

Now, with your glassware now cleaned and drying, take a good look at your pieces. When you hold that chipped bong you still have from college or that extra grinder that your friend left at your place a year ago, ask yourself: is there a reason to hold on to it? When was the last time you even used it? Did your grandfather leave it in his will? Does it contain a genie that grants marijuana-themed wishes? Do you use it often or is it a centerpiece? If yes, place it in the keep box along with your grinders and dab rig. However, if you haven’t used that pipe recently, it may be time to say goodbye. Put it in the donate box and find it a new home. Give it to your cousin or nephew who’s just entering college, or hand it off to a friend who’s not as tidy. Now it’s their problem.

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