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The Top 8 Ultimate ACNH Villagers Ranking List

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Salutations! This is the definitive top 10 Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers rating list, which will tell you which 10 villagers you must have on your island once and for all. We've compiled a collection of the top ten Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers of all time.

Erik, #8
Erik has to be one of your most desired dreamies in the game if you want lazy villagers. And the fact that this fantastic elk is ranked so high on this list only goes to show that certain players are willing to spend a lot of ACNH Bells for this dreamy. Erik is your typical adorable villager, with a style that is based on the animal that influenced him. Erik's natural brown coloring is similar to that of a real alp, with an orange-brown streak running from behind his wide adorable eyes down to his snout. His sandy-colored tuft of fur on his forehead suits the hue of his antlers well. Erik is now usually seen lounging around in a cozy jumper, staying warm. He'll always be a moosing to chat to as a lazy personality sort, and his analytics will always keep you amused, so it's no surprise that he's a must-have in the Animal Crossing world.

Stitches #7
This ultimate villagers ranking places your perfect patchwork friend at number seven, and one glance at this huggable hero will tell you why. The way the colorful panels of his fur are visibly sewn together resembles that of a child's plush bear. While some people find this look charming, others think his stitched-on eyes are a bit weird. Stitches' cheerful nature makes him familiar with players as a lazy personality sort, but combine that with his vibrant coat and exclusive house interior filled to the brim with toys, and you've got yourself one lush plush for your set. In terms of character creation and painting, Stitches is one of the most lavish villagers in the series. As a result, it's no joke that people can't wait to get him back on their island.

#6 Marina Marina is a famous villager since she swims well and is the game's sixth most popular villager. There are at least eight examples of why we believe she needs to be here. The biggest reason for this is that this little octopus is the epitome of cuteness. Her soft pink color scheme is adorable, and her large light yellow cheeks add to the impact. The little pink bow on the back of her head and the wisp of pink hair atop her head, which brings the entire look together. Marina doesn't only have a sweet exterior appearance; she bases her whole personality on her strawberry pink character. And if you go inside her custom home, you'll see that it's all decked out in soft baby pink furniture, which perfectly complements her pure personality. Marina is without a doubt one of the most adorable villages in the game. So, as soon as you have the opportunity, get on a bus to a mystery island tour and hunter down as soon as possible.

#5 Judy is a woman who has a
Judy might be a newcomer to the Animal Crossing series, but she's no stranger to these top ten lists. And she's had enough votes in the last nine months to ensure a dazzling fifth-place finish. Judy should never be defined as a "falling star" since she is ranked in the top five female singers of all time. She'll finally be able to spend more of her time basking under the northern lights, secure in the confidence that she's light years ahead of the market. Judy's stunning pastel-colored fur mimics the blended colors of the aurora borealis, with subtle pinks giving way to deep purples and glorious galaxy blues. Her eyes are full of dazzling stars, and her beautiful pastel-colored fur mimics the blended colors of the aurora borealis, with subtle pinks giving way to deep purples and magnificent galaxy blues. Judy emphasizes her charm with light blue eyeshadow and a touch of blusher, and all of this contributes to Judy's intense cuteness, which has won her a legion of astronomers eager to gaze at the star. Judy has a distinct attitude and she is the game's only snobby cub. This indicates that she is preoccupied with her look and design. Judy has matched the interior of her home to her eyes and fur with star wallpaper, star garlands, and cute pastel-colored block furniture for her mates to congregate around whenever they wish to visit her.

Zucker, number four
Ring the dinner bell, since Zucker, the super octopus chef, is the game's fourth most famous villager, and he's cooking up a storm. Zucker has to be one of the strongest when it comes to imaginatively planned villagers. He's modeled after the famous Japanese seafood snack Takoyaki. Minced octopus pieces are rolled in a dough ball and fried in Takoyaki. The attention to detail on Zucker's character model is impressive, and there are several Takoyaki easter eggs for his fans to salivate about. Like the bamboo toothpick protruding from the back of his head, or the Takoyaki sauce drizzled over the top of his head to resemble fur. He's also got green freckles on his cheeks to reflect the powdered seaweed seasonings in Takoyaki, which is some delectable attention to detail. Zucker has a lazy attitude, which ensures he seldom loses his cool around the rest of the villagers. If you invite him to live on your island, he should be able to adjust easily. The interior of Zucker's home is set up to appear like he's an outdoor vendor, complete with several food carts and a beautiful view of the capital.

Sherb No. 3
In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Sherb is the third most common villager. He's been in third place for almost every month since the charts started, and he still hasn't had enough votes to beat the top two. Sherb is one of the series' eight all-new villagers. So, if you like him, you'll have to hunt him down or make a deal with him. Since you won't be able to summon him to your island using Amiibo cards. So, what makes Sherb so popular? Well, this blue boy is without a doubt one of the game's purest and cutest protagonists, and the interior of his home, which is furnished with a variety of sweet set pieces, perfectly complements his adorable personality. Sherb, on the other hand, still seems to have something amusing to tell, so he's the goat when it comes to discussions, particularly if you're feeling down. Sherb's favorite pastimes are relaxation and dining, and you'll always see him either snuggled up at home in his signature winter coat or out and about indulging in his favorite activities, such as eating and fishing since he's a lazy villager. If you have Sherb on your island, you can hold him there for as long as you can, and he's a real Animal Crossing legend, and if he ever leaves, you'll cry.

Raymond, No. 2
Raymond the administrative moggy is no longer the leading cat in Animal Crossing, according to the results of nine months of voting. Raymond has lately suffered several top spot battles, and as a result of these scuffles for the top spot, he is currently permanently paused in second place. Don't feel sorry for Raymond; since he's already in second place, he'll always be willing to earn a lot of money if you decide to trade him in. On the AC black market, this perfect puss, like all tier-one peasants, can still fetch between 15 and 20 million bells or about 1000 Nook Miles tokens. So if you don't like this amazing office worker on your island anymore, you're sitting on a tidy fortune. But what makes these lovely whiskers so valuable? For starters, Raymond is a one-of-a-kind kitty since this is the first Animal Crossing game he's ever played in. As a result, collectors won't be able to import him into the game using Amiibo cards. His special characteristics include total Heterochromia, a disorder in which the iris of one eye is a different color from the iris of the other, and his personality style, which is one of a kind in the Animal Crossing series since he is the only cat character with the smug personality type. It's a shame Raymond wasn't able to return to the top of the charts with contributions like this.

Marshal No. 1
Finally, the one and only Marshal is the all-time top 10 most famous villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This wonderful marshmallow spent the first few months bouncing around the top ten of this popularity chart, but thanks to your continued votes, he's earned enough points to assert his rightful spot as Animal Crossing's king. Marshal is a returning character from New Leaf, and he was still a difficult nut to crack when it came to getting bumped off the top ranking, due to his amazingly adorable looks. Any Marshal detractors would go insane as they learn that he is now the most coveted villager of all time. This arrogant squirrel is a sweetheart, despite his frequent frowning facial expressions and propensity to be unnecessarily mallow dramatic, and due to his personality style, he can get along with pretty much all of your island's animal friends. If you're not sure why people liked Marshal in the first place, look no farther than the suite that gave him his reputation, the marshmallow. You know, behind his grumpy facial expressions, he's incredibly cute and can always make you happy as you speak with him. Not just that, but his fuzzy fluffy tail looks and feels almost like a squishy marshmallow, so you know you'll want more of him if you're fortunate enough to have him on your island.

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